– Biography

htc_quietly Chien-Ying Chen (CY Chen) is a Senior Software Engineer working in the robotics industry. He is also an active researcher in the domain of Real-Time Systems (RTS).

CY masters both hardware and software development based on his academic background in both Electronic Engineering (EE) and Computer Science (CS) as well as his previous work experience as a hardware engineer at HTC. His expertise and work interests are primarily in the Systems area and cover a wide range of topics from board-level design (schematics and PCB layout) to system software and application development.


– Education

yuntech nthu uiuc

CY received his Ph.D. in Computer Science (CS) at University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign (2020, IL USA) where he worked with Professor Sibin Mohan in the SyNeRCyS lab. He received his Bachelor’s degree (BS) in Electronic Engineering (EE) at National Yunlin University of Science and Technology (2007, Taiwan) and Master’s degree (MS) in Computer Science (CS) at National Tsing Hua University (2009, Taiwan).


– Industry

htc_quietly CY worked at HTC as a hardware engineer for 3 years (2009.08–2013.01) after his master’s degree. Products that were in mass production include T-Mobile G2, HTC Wildfire S CDMA, HTC One V, and HTC Desire VT.
sri CY worked at Internet of Things Security and Privacy Center in Computer Science Laboratory at SRI headquarters as a student summer intern (2016 and 2017 summers). He was independently responsible (and supervised by other senior computer scientists) for an IoT related research project which is intended to assist IoT product developers in hardening their deign from security aspect.


– Academic

iti CY worked as a research assistant with Professor Sibin Mohan at Information Trust Institute (ITI) at UIUC during his pursuit of the Ph.D. between 2014 and 2020.
CS at UIUC CY worked as a teaching assistant for the course “Communication Networks (ECE/CS438)” lectured by Professor Robin Kravets in 2019 Spring at UIUC.
Urbana Middle School
SPLASH Program
CY participated in the SPLASH (Students Playing & Learning After School Hours) program at the Urbana Middle School as a volunteer teacher for a SCRATCH coding course in 2017 Fall and 2018 Spring.